Roasted Potatoes with Morels 
by Greg Ratajik

This unusual dish is excellent as a side to steak, or one of the other morel dishes.  (Don't know what Morel's are?  Take a look at this guide.)

Olive Oil 1/2 Pound Morels, finely chopped.
Garlic to taste 4 Large Potatoes
1 Sticks of Butter
Salt to taste
Tbs. Parsley
Pepper to taste


Try to get long, consistently thick potatoes


Coat the dish with the butter. Put in the potatoes and cover with finely chopped morels.  Drizzle the oil over everything.


Cook in a 350 degree oven until the potatoes are done (you should be able to easily stick a fork in them).  This usually will take 30-45 mins.


The simple flavor of the potatoes goes really well with the earth flavor of the Morels.


This was served with Morels in a butter sauce.







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