Morels in Butter and Garlic
by Greg Ratajik

Ultra-simple, Ultra good.  Brings out the really amazing taste of Morel mushrooms.  (Don't know what Morel's are?  Take a look at this guide.)

Morel Mushrooms (about 1/4 a pound pictured, enough for a side for one person)
Garlic to taste
1/4 Stick of butter
Salt to taste
Tbs. Parsley
Pepper to taste


First, make sure to soak the Morel's in water.  This gets rid of both dirt and any bugs that may be lurking.

I usually cover them for 30 minutes, making sure they'll all get soaked (a paper towel on top ensures this).


Melt the butter, adding the garlic, and pepper.


Add the Morel's, turning the heat to medium.  


Continue cooking until all the moisture has been cooked out (the pan should be mostly dry).  


Serve by themselves or as a side dish  





Seems too simple, can I do more? Sure! finely chopped shallots would be a great addition to this. To make it more a complex sauce, adding a splash of white wine would be great (Or for a MUCH richer sauce, some Marcela or Port would be very good).


Oh No!

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