Lobster in a saffron morel cream sauce
by Greg Ratajik

This was an experiment that turned out to be amazing.  The sauce is almost indescribable.  By far the best Morel dish I've ever had (and actually one of the tastiest meals I've ever had).  My only regret is that I was cooking 4 others dishes while doing this one, and didn't get as many pics as I'd like (next year!)  (Don't know what Morel's are?  Take a look at this guide.)

Morel Mushrooms (about 1 pound)  
Heavy Cream  
3 Sticks of clarified butter  
4 Large lobster tails (~10oz)  
3 containers of Saffron  


The night before you make it, take 3 of the small Saffron containers (three of the tubes inside of the jar) and place them in the cream sauce.  Let sit over night.  This lets the cream sauce suck up the flavor.  When you take it out, it will have a slight orange color to it.

Finely Chop up the morels.  

Remove the lobsters from the shell (carefully! You'll be using those shells later).  Skewer (need to do this so they don't curl up)

Grill the lobsters, about 5 mins a side.  You just want to get the taste of grilling, and a bit of browning.

Place the lobsters back in their shells, and put in a small dish that can be put in the oven.

Add the cream, morels, and clarified butter to a sauce pan, and heat.  Spoon that mixture over each lobster tail.

Tightly cover with tin foil.  Place in the oven at around 350, for around 40 mins.

Serve in the dish.  The lobster should have a slight grilled flavor, and be very juicy.




Clarified Butter? Also sometimes called drawn butter.  You basically remove all the impurities from the butter. Put 3 sticks of butter of LOW heat.  Using a spoon, remove all of the stuff that bubbles to the top - remove the "solid" parts, leaving the liquid behind.  This can take up to 45 mins, as you want to do it slow (the goal is to melt the butter, not cook it).


Oh No!

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