Ultimate Lasagna
by Greg Ratajik

This is a amazing dish, but takes a lot of effort and time to make.  You can make the sauce the day before, which helps cut down the time a bit.

A batch of Thick and Rich Spaghetti Sauce Garlic
3 24oz Cottage Cheese Parsley
3 2 pound Ricotta 2-3 16 packages of Mozzarella
3 Containers Parmesan cheese
10 Egg Yolks
At least a 9x13 pan 375 degree oven for 45 mins. to 1 hour



Combine the eggs, Ricotta cheese, Parsley, Garlic, and the cottage cheese together. I like to add a fair amount of Parsley, as it gives it a very nice appearance. 

Mix these together (I suggest just using your hand!).  Once they are mixed, add the Parmesan cheese, which will soak up the moisture until it looks about like this.


Slice up the Mozzarella (you can buy pre-sliced if you like).  I usually make a mix of thickly sliced and finally sliced.


You can skip the boiling step if you like, as the noodles will general cook in the oven... but doing so ensures that they are not under-done


Cook the noodles with a bit of salt, until they are just about done as described on the package.  


Coat the pan with a bit of oil (very fine, should be just a slight layer to help keep it from sticking)  



Place a layer of the meat sauce on the pan, like this


Place the first layer of noodles in the pan, making sure to completely cover the pan.


Place a layer of meat, and then a layer of cheese on the meat.


Place another layer of noodles, then cheese, then meat.


Cover with the sliced Mozzarella


Put in the oven for about 1 hour.  It should look something like this when done.







Those noodles are HOT!  It's ok to let the noodles cool a bit, and you can rinse them under water.
Other types of cheese You can vary the types of cheese, if you like.  


Oh No!

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